Name: EJ // UST CRS OT'19 // iSWIM // MNL - PH.

Coffee in a lens 😎☕️👌
Meet my sissy lol 😁🌺💁
Finally got my Amanzi swim suit 👌👙💞 thanks @heylaarii and ate @hannahdato 😁 #Amanzi
Lezz do this 😎👊 #aimtolearn
What keeps me motivated in the morning. #vscocam
I missed this boy so much! I love you spiderboy! 😘😁😊
This is how we do it ;) kopi’s bigass white board is very functional😎🙌 #lateupload
Here at my cribzxs :) preparing for PE 🙅😊😎
My healthy diet atm 😁🍊 yum! 👌💚